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Villa Painting are now offering the only self cleaning paint in the world!!!

After doing numerous tests himself Karl from VillaPainting is confident this product is the future in coating your Villa in Spain. Here in Spain we get the red Sahara rain which causes paint to stain red but with this product this does not happen. See the video demonstrations at the bottom of the page.

Self-cleaning facade paint with Lotus-Effect ©

Self-cleaning, innovative exterior paint with the Lotus-Effect ©. Water is unable to get a grip on the surface, and dirt simply washes off in the rain, keeping the facade clean and dry for longer.

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Lotusan Self-Cleaning Paint

Lotusan paint mimics the water-repellent properties discovered in the leaves of the lotus plant. This scientific breakthrough was developed by Sto - the world's first facade paint with the lotus effect!

The lotus plant is a symbol of cleanliness and purity in some Eastern religions, which makes sence considering that the plant essencially cleans itself.

leafThe problem with conventional facade paints is that over time, dirt accumulates and becomes visible on the outside of buildings. Facades particularly exposed to the weather are also susceptible to a build-up of microorganisms (algae, bacteria, fungus) which flourish in damp and dirty conditions.

Lotusan offers a superior Nano-Technology protective coating. When it rains, water droplets cannot maintain surface contact and pearl off, keeping the facade clean and dry. Thus it protects the structures to which it is applied in a way that no paint or coating has been able to offer until now!!!

A great paint for modern smooth rendered buildings with no protective roof overhangs.

Lotusan is guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years.


On the microstructured, super-hydrophobic StoLotusan surface water droplets take on a spherical form, pick up the dirt particles which are only loosely deposited on the surface and leave a clean trace in their wake.