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Exterior Painting

We specialize in the preparation and painting of exterior walls of properties.

The most important part of painting is the preparation so we ensure that this is done correctly.

First we pressure wash all your walls using high pressure washers with rotary nozzles. pressure washing If the walls have algae on then we will chemically treat them with Sodium hyper chloride which will remove any trace of algae. We also use this treatment on balustrades and pool coronations. We then repair all cracks and damaged areas using waterproof filler which has marble powder in it which makes it extremely strong and a bonding chemical is applied to required areas.

When the property is prepared to our high standard masking us undertaken and dust sheets arranged. We use a couple of different paints depending on the texture of the walls, these are all waterproof, elasticized, breathable thermoplastic paints.

These paints have all been manufactured for the hot Mediterranean climate as it is the sun that damages paint not the rain. Paints from UK are not suitable for the hot Spanish climate. Read e-mail received from Dulux.

Now offering Nanotechnology Self-Cleaning paint !! see demo video from Grand Designs here...

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Premium 15 Year Option

Sikkens Alphaloxan Flex

This is by far the best Elastomeric waterproof coating we have ever offered, backed by the technical know-how of the largest paint manufacturers in the world, Akzo Nobel (who own Dulux). This Silicone based resin coating is 4x thicker than normal acrylic paints yet has a flex ability of 300%. (We were so impressed with this product, we invested over 10,000€ in new machinery specifically to apply this super thick, super flexible coating).

The amazing properties of this coating means it will bridge cracks and flex if any new cracks appear - common in most villas in Spain. The development of special binders that give this coating flexibility and elasticity is the key to the success of elastomerics. They stretch and recover without wrinkling, maintaining a protective barrier. This coating is waterproof and has a strong insulating thermal property which means your property will remain cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

This premium coating outlasts any standard acrylic paint by at least 3 times, so will last at least 15 years, leaving a lovely satin sheen finish on your walls.

We are not saying NEVER PAINT AGAIN; we are saying protect your villa, which is possibly your single biggest investment in life, for a minimum of 15 years with the technical support of a major Spanish manufacturer, Akzo Nobel S.L.

We apply two coats of paint using airless sprayers.


The first coat is thinned down according to the manufactures specs so that this coat penetrates the walls forming a good adhesive bond.

pintura protectora

The second coat is then applied and this coat is the protective coat which will last in excess of 10 years.


When all spraying is completed, the masking tape is removed and cutting in is undertaken.

The site is then tided up and inspected leaving another satisfied customer.

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