Electrostatic Painting

We are the only known electrostatic metal painters on the Costa Blanca.

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The way this works is the paint is electrically charged and the metal object is negatively grounded so when the paint is sprayed it wraps around the object like a magnet forming an even coat on the complete surface. This is ideal for large areas like railings/ fences, garage doors and rejas and especially spiral stair cases.

We use a number of different paints like Hammerite for anticorrosion and DuPont automotive paint for high spec finishes.

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Any corroded metal is first treated with an oxidizing chemical which will oxidize the rusted area.


Any galvanized metal is first primed with a galvanized primmer as this is essential with galvanized metal. Galvanized metal is treated by the manufacturer which will prevent it from rusting but does not look very nice hence people coat it purely for decorative purposes.

We use the DuPont automotive paint for high spec finishes as this paint have the longest life against the sun.

We spray Rejas with metallic Hammerite paint using HVLP sprayers as the electrostatic sprayer will not spray metallic paint.



We do offer a spray chrome so the metal looks like stainless steel.

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